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Are you looking for car garages in Bournemouth to undertake mechanical work on your vehicle? If you are, you will want to know you are hiring the best in the industry, which is why you need to choose the team at Brake & Clutch Depot. We are a highly reputable garage with years of experience providing comprehensive services to our clients. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, please call us today on 01202 532373.


When you are looking for car garages in Bournemouth, you want to be sure the one you choose is reliable and only provides high quality services. At Brake & Clutch Depot, we are a highly reputable company that has over 20 years trading and 35 years of experience in the industry.

We are one of the car garages Bournemouth clients can rely on to provide the highest quality, comprehensive range of services. Our excellent in house services include brakes and clutches, MOT, servicing, and tyres.

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At Brake & Clutch Depot, we are one of the car garages in Bournemouth that can arrange your annual MOT. If your car fails its MOT, we are able to carry out any necessary repairs to bring your vehicle back to MOT pass standards. We can often carry out these repairs on the same day in order to have you back on the road as soon as possible.

If repairs are likely to take longer, you may be able to use one of our courtesy cars, leaving your car with us. You can then use the courtesy car for as long as it is needed.

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There are numerous benefits to working with our experts, as we deliver first-class garage solutions to all vehicle owners.

55 Years

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Est 1994

Over 35 Years Trading

12 Month

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If your brakes and clutches need work, we are the obvious choice for car garages Bournemouth can rely on. Our expert team of mechanics can repair a variety of clutch problems and carry out all types of brake work.

We can fit anything from a set of brake pads up to a complete overhaul of your braking system, including ABS. All brakes work is fully guaranteed and only top quality parts, from reputable manufacturers, are used. We always check the efficiency and quality of our brake repairs using our in house Rolling Road, something some Bournemouth car garages do not have.

If your clutch has stopped working, our expert mechanics will be able to repair a variety of problems, such as slipping, clattering, sticking pedal, and more. The facings on your clutch disc will wear away over time, making your car less safe so it is essential that your clutch is in good working order. Most clutches generate heat and friction during general use which leads to the pressure plate and flywheel becoming cracked, scored, worn, or warped.

A clutch that is in good working order can be ruined by common factors like oil contamination. Additionally, the failure of cable or hydraulic linkage can be detrimental to your clutch. There are many other factors that can prevent your clutch from working properly, but you can rest assured that we will provide a fast and efficient service.

Quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt
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We make it our policy to carry out stringent tests and checks, no matter how minor the problem is. This includes a full steering and suspension check, and a complete road test. When you choose us over other car garages in Bournemouth, you can rely on us to fit only genuine replacement parts which normally carry a 12 month warranty. When you come to us for servicing, we will carry out a free tyre safety check, air conditioning servicing, and a replacement vehicle to use until yours is ready.


Tyres are one of the most important features of your car and, if you neglect the condition of them, can lead to serious accidents. We highly recommend tyres are checked on a monthly basis to give you peace of mind. The Tyre Industry Council have devised a five point tyre check:


  • Check Overall Condition of Tyres, Including Inner and Outer Sidewalls
  • Check Tyre Tread Depth
  • Check All Tyre Pressures
  • Check Signs of Irregular Wear, I.E. Alignment
  • Check and Examine the Spare Tyre


When it comes to choosing out of all the car garages Bournemouth offers, you want to know you are choosing the best in the industry and area. In this case, that is Brake & Clutch Depot, a highly reputable garage located in Bournemouth. We have been established since 1994 and provide our clients with over 20 years of trading and 35 years of experience in servicing and repairs.

Specialising in brake and clutch fitting, we also offer comprehensive garage services undertaking all aspects of mechanical work. We are one of the best car garages in Bournemouth, offering collection and delivery of your vehicle if required, and courtesy cars on request.

As well as our in house services, we also offer a local recovery and breakdown repair service. If you are in need of recovery assistance, call the best of Bournemouth car garages on 07710 807837.

With our comprehensive services, all with a 12 month warranty, and our fully qualified mechanics, you’ll be hard pressed to find better car garages in Bournemouth.


To find out more about the services we offer when you choose us over other car garages in Bournemouth, contact us today on 01202 532373. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our website or email us at and a member of the Brake & Clutch Depot team will respond as soon as possible. For our recovery services, please call 07710 807837.

  • All makes of car and light commercial vehicles
  • A “while you wait” service for small works
  • Local breakdown and recovery service
  • Collection and delivery as required
  • All mechanics are fully qualified and work to our exacting standards of workmanship, reliability and attention to detail
  • Courtesy cars on request
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