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Is your car in need of urgent repair work to make it roadworthy once more? Have you heard about the incredible services and affordable prices on offer here at the Brake and Clutch Depot? If not, we suggest giving our team a call now on 01202 532373 to see why so many customers rate our services so highly and consider us the best choice for car repairs Bournemouth has to offer.

The Most Affordable Choice for Car Repair in Bournemouth

Welcome to the Brake and Clutch Depot, providing market-leading services including repairs, MOTs and servicing for many years. Whether you’re dealing with worn brakes or a faulty clutch we’re here to get your car roadworthy in as little time as possible. We understand that being without your vehicle can be a massive inconvenience which makes choosing the quickest and most reliable company for car repairs Bournemouth can offer makes complete sense.

How Can We Assist With Your Bournemouth Car Repairs?

To give you a better idea of ways in which our team can get your vehicle working at peak efficiency, we’ve outlined our core repair services below.

Brakes and Clutches

Considering that it’s our namesake, it’s only natural that we specialise in fixing and replacing brakes and clutches. With a worn set of brakes your vehicle will take far longer to stop and if not correctly fitted or calibrated your car will likely consume more fuel than usual. This shouldn’t be left unchecked as it is not only unsafe but also an MOT failure. Our car repairs Bournemouth service will restore your brakes to full working order.

Whether you require a new set of brake pads or an overhaul of an ABS setup you can expect all work to be fully guaranteed. We only utilise high-quality components sourced from trusted suppliers, you can rest assured that your brakes will operate flawlessly. Inside, we have a Rolling Road – a facility not offered by every garage – which enables us to test the efficiency of your brakes.

For clutches, our car repairs in Bournemouth encompass a wide range of skills which enable us to tackle all manner of issues, including:

  • Slipping
  • Clattering
  • Sticking Pedal
  • Broken Motor Mount
  • Weakened or Warped Pressure Plate

Clutches more often than not wear out over time with frequent use. As this happens the facings on the clutch disc will wear away which will make your car less safe to drive. Such wear and tear occurs as a result of heat and friction which causes the pressure plate and flywheel to become cracked, scored, worn and warped. Other issues can include oil contamination, damage to cable or hydraulic linkages, worn release bearings, etc. necessitating car repairs, Bournemouth.


It goes without saying but ensuring that your tyres are road-legal is one of the most important responsibilities of being a motorist. You are responsible and if your tyres are found to be illegal you could be fined heavily if stopped by the police. You could also increase the risk of being involved in a road traffic accident as your braking, steering and acceleration will be affected. As part of our Bournemouth car repairs, we can switch out your tyres for new ones if required.

While the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, we recommend replacing your tyres if the tread depth drops below 3mm. If your tyres have seen better days, bring your vehicle to us and we’ll check the overall condition of the tyres, inner and outer sidewalls. We’ll also check the tread depth, tyre pressure, signs of irregular wear and even examine the spare tyre for signs of deterioration. It’s all part of our great car repairs Bournemouth service.

MOT and Servicing

Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, we can arrange your annual MOT, and should your vehicle fail to pass, we can carry out any repairs at prices that are highly affordable. In most cases, we can offer same-day repairs or courtesy cars in the event that repairs take longer than expected.

While your vehicle is in for repairs our team will perform stringent test and checks to ensure that everything is working at peak efficiency. This also allows us to identify any underlying issues and remedy these before they become more serious. A standard servicing includes a full steering and suspension Optiflex check as well as a complete road test to ensure that your car is structurally sound.

As the best choice for car repairs Bournemouth has to offer, we can service British, European and Japanese vehicles of all types. We only replace parts with genuine components that carry a 12-month warranty. Plus, we will provide you with a FREE tyre safety check, courtesy vehicle and even service and re-gas your air conditioning system.

Brake and Clutch Depot Car Repairs Bournemouth

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Brake and clutch were fantastic when dealing with my car, brilliant service, if i ever have any more issues i will be sure to return there!

Michell Willet

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Why Choose The Brake and Clutch Depot for Car Repairs, Bournemouth?

We are an established garage located in the heart of Bournemouth with an impressive reputation that spans nearly 35 years. Established since 1994, we have become the go-to garage for many in need of comprehensive garage services including car repairs in Bournemouth. We handle all aspects related to mechanical work and are always prepared to go the extra mile for our customers.

Collection and delivery are available on request as is a local breakdown and recovery service, should you require this. All of our mechanics are fully trained, qualified and held to exacting standards, so you can expect Bournemouth car repairs that exceed your expectations.

Car Repairs in Bournemouth


If you’re in need of car repairs, Bournemouth can rely on, call the Brake and Clutch Depot now on 01202 532373.

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