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Has your clutch suddenly stopped working or can you feel it slowly failing? Only the most effective clutch repair Poole has to offer will do. Here at the Brake & Clutch Depot, our name says it all – as brake and clutch specialists, we can fix or replace any damaged, worn or non-functional clutch quickly and reliably. To book your vehicle in with our professional team, call us today on 01202 532 373.


The clutch is, in a nutshell, a mechanical mechanism that is designed to transfer rotational power from the engine to the wheels. It connects two or more kamagra kaufen apotheke rotating shafts and is intended to shift gears in order to vary speed and power. The clutch is one of the most heavily used components of any vehicle and is, therefore, prone to wear and tear. If the clutch should fail, it’s vital that you request a clutch repair, Poole.

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As well as providing Poole clutch repair services which are second-to-none, we can also replace clutches. If we’ve determined that the clutch is beyond repair or that keeping it going will prove too expensive, the best option is to replace it entirely. Clutches don’t last forever with the facings wearing down over time. Eventually, they reach a point where no amount of repair work will help bring them back.

At the Brake & Clutch Depot, we possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide a complete replacement service. We’ll switch out your old clutch and replace it with a brand-new one made using high-quality materials and supplied by a trusted supplier.

Depending on how long the work takes, we can either provide you with a courtesy car or for shorter jobs; you’re more than welcome to wait. We’re happy to collect and deliver your vehicle back to you if it cannot be driven safely. To inquire about this or our clutch repair, Poole should call us now on 01202 532 373.

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If you’ve heard strange clattering noises and you’re finding it difficult or impossible to change gears, it’s a sure sign that your clutch is failing or has failed. If this is the case, call the Brake & Clutch Depot now and arrange for a full inspection. We’ll carry out thorough checks to determine whether you require a clutch repair. Poole customers can rest easy knowing that our team can deal with a range of clutch-related issues, including clattering, slipping and pedals that stick.

Clutches generate heat and friction, so over time they can wear out become less and less effective until finally, they break. As well as wearing, clutches can also warp, and if the pressure plate and flywheel crack, the clutch will be rendered inoperable. As well as inspecting for damage, we can also affect a clutch repair in Poole by replacing damaged and worn parts.

Some of the issues that our team regularly deal with include but are not limited to:

  • Failure of Hydraulic or Cable Linkages
  • Warped Pilot Bearing
  • Worn Out Release Bearings
  • Brushing Issues

Many issues that afflict clutches are ones that cannot be prevented by the driver – they are inevitable and will occur gradually as the vehicle is used. If you’re prone to accidentally grinding the gears, this can accelerate the wear and tear ten-fold and cause your clutch to fail a lot quicker. Whatever the reason, our mechanics have seen it all before. No matter what, you’ll receive the most efficient clutch repair Poole has to offer.

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Established in 1994, we’ve been providing professional services to customers across Poole for the last 24 years. Our team consists of fully trained and certified individuals with a passion for what they do. With more than 35 years of combined experience between them, there is nothing they can’t handle from overhauling braking systems to clutch repair in Poole.

Renowned for our workmanship and customer service, it’s easy to see why we’re such a popular choice for those seeking a Poole clutch repair service. In fact, over the years, many of our customers have gone on to recommend our garage to their friends, family and colleagues. We handle all makes and models and can even accept commercial vehicles too.

So, if you’re in need of the most affordable and reliable clutch repair Poole can offer, call the Brake & Clutch Depot now on 01202 532 373. For breakdown and recovery services, call us on 07710 807 837.

  • All makes of car and light commercial vehicles
  • A “while you wait” service for small works
  • Local breakdown and recovery service
  • Collection and delivery as required
  • All mechanics are fully qualified and work to our exacting standards of workmanship, reliability and attention to detail
  • Courtesy cars on request
So, if you’re in need of the most affordable and reliable clutch repair Poole can offer, call the Brake & Clutch Depot now on 01202 532 373. For breakdown and recovery services, call us on 07710 807 837.