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Has the clutch on your vehicle worn out or is it causing you issues while you’re out on the road? Worry not, as here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, our expertise in fixing and replacing clutches is rivalled only by our impeccable customer service. We can draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to restore any clutch in any vehicle to full working order. To book your car in with our specialist team, call us now on 01202 532373 for clutch repairs Christchurch


The clutch is a vital component that is crucial to the successful operation of any manually operated vehicle. If it begins to act up you could find that your vehicle is less responsive and that simple tasks such as changing gears become ever more difficult to accomplish. If you’ve heard a strange clattering sound but are unable to identify the source, it’s likely that you require clutch repairs Christchurch.

As with any other component, clutches don’t last forever and will gradually fail over time, especially if the vehicle sees regular usage. The more miles you clock up, the quicker your clutch will deteriorate with the facings on the clutch disc wearing down to nothing. A worn clutch can be a huge safety concern making Christchurch clutch repairs all the more essential.

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Welcome to the Brake and Clutch Depot – the only company that you need to call for competitively priced clutch repairs in Christchurch that won’t disappoint. Our team have been serving customers throughout Bournemouth, Christchurch and the surrounding areas for 24 years and have garnered a stellar reputation in that time.

As you would expect from the best choice for clutch repairs Christchurch has seen, all of our professionals are industry-certified and knowledgeable of the services we offer. Each of our mechanics has a very real passion for what we do and are committed to providing our customers with an outstanding service. Between them, our team possess more than 35 years of experience!

There are many other reasons why choosing the Brake and Clutch Depot for Christchurch clutch repairs makes perfect sense. For one, we accept all makes of cars and commercial vehicles, provide a local breakdown and recovery service, provide courtesy cars upon request and offer a collection and delivery service. You’ll also benefit from a 12-month warranty on all services.

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There are numerous benefits to working with our experts, as we deliver first-class garage solutions to all vehicle owners.

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Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, our name says it all! It’s safe to say that clutches are something of a speciality; as an area in which we excel, it’s only natural that the years have furnished us with an exceptional reputation. If you’re in need of clutch repairs in Christchurch, give us a call or stop by with your vehicle and we’ll be more than happy to take a look.

Our skilled vehicle specialists possess a keen understanding of the practical knowledge necessary to make a quick and accurate diagnosis. We can identify and correct a wide range of clutch-related issues including but not limited to clattering, slipping and sticking. At the Brake and Clutch Depot, we take a proactive approach to ensure that any issues are rectified quickly before they escalate.

As the most knowledgeable choice for clutch repairs Christchurch can offer, we know how to identify the signs of wear or warping. These are classic symptoms of clutches that have experienced excessive heat and friction through overuse. If left unchecked, the pressure plate and flywheel will eventually crack – a problem that is both hazardous and costly to put right.

But what if my clutch is brand new? Even a new clutch can still experience issues. Your clutch could have been affected by any number of issues, including:

  • Oil Contamination
  • Failure of Hydraulic or Cable Linkage
  • Warped Pilot Bearing
  • Worn Out Release Bearings
  • Brushing Issues

Whatever the problem, you can trust the experts at the Brake and Clutch Depot to put it right and get your vehicle back on the road again in no time at all. For more information about Christchurch clutch repairs, call us today on 01202 532373.

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For clutch repairs, Christchurch vehicle owners can rely on, call the Brake and Clutch Depot today on 01202 532373.

  • All makes of car and light commercial vehicles
  • A “while you wait” service for small works
  • Local breakdown and recovery service
  • Collection and delivery as required
  • All mechanics are fully qualified and work to our exacting standards of workmanship, reliability and attention to detail
  • Courtesy cars on request
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