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Are your tyres worn? Do you need new tyres for your vehicle? Go to Brake and Clutch Depot and we will replace your part worn tyres in Bournemouth with a new and efficient set. At Brake and Clutch Depot, we give vehicles the complete check over to ensure they are road safe. From the engines to the brakes, we will carry out the necessary evaluations on your vehicle because we understand how essential it is that your car parts are in working order.

Do You Have Part Worn Tyres in Dorset?

If your tyres are losing their grip on the road, then you are driving with part worn tyres in Dorset. We believe, at Brake and Clutch Depot, that no car should be on the road with part worn tyres. They will cause a serious impact on the control of your vehicle from the steering, braking and acceleration. If you don’t get your tyres checked out, they will become a hazard to other drivers, pedestrians and even to the fellow passengers in your vehicle.

Get Them Checked

At Brake and Clutch, we encourage you to check the condition of your tyres on a monthly basis as things like uneven road surfaces, long-term driving, and under-inflation can seriously deflate your car tyres. Before fitting your tyres, we give our Bournemouth part worn tyres a complete check over to ensure that they are safe on the road.

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    Brake and clutch were fantastic when dealing with my car, brilliant service, if i ever have any more issues i will be sure to return there!

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    What do we check?

    When you come to Brake and Clutch Depot we will check the following features on your tyres and car parts in Bournemouth:

    • Examine spare tyre
    • Overall condition (inc. Inner and side walls)
    • Signs of irregular wear
    • Tyre pressures
    • Tyre tread depth

    We will solve all of your tyre problems with our tyre fitting in Bournemouth. Why not read our tyres guidelines where we will take you through what the correct pressure, tread and inflation your tyres should be to keep them safe and fully functioning.


    Why choose Brake and Clutch Depot?

    At Brake and Clutch Depot, we have established a reputation for delivering superb motoring services and solutions to vehicles in the Dorset area. Our mechanics are fully licensed and qualified to carry out a wide range of services to your vehicle. For 35 years, we have delivered the highest standard of satisfaction in customer service to bring your vehicle back on the road in the finest condition.

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    If you are struggling with the manoeuvrability of your vehicle because you have part worn tyres, then contact Brake and Clutch Depot in Dorset on 01202 532373 or email our offices by contacting us online.

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