If you are looking to upgrade your Bournemouth property by installing a brand new tarmac driveway? Would you like to upgrade your old driveway? Then, you have come to the right place. At Bourne Surfacing and Civils are your go-to team for all driveway installations, including tarmac driveways in Bournemouth.

We take pride in our extensive driveway experience and growing skills over years of working with private and commercial clients. As a result, we have had the opportunity of installing tarmac driveways all over Bournemouth, making us the go-to tarmac specialists. We install and design high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tarmac driveways for Bournemouth customers perfectly tailored to your vision.

So, if you want to learn more about what Bourne Surfacing and Civils can do for your Bournemouth property, get in touch with our team. You can call on 01202 240 375, and our friendly team will guide you through our tarmac driveway installation process.

The Number One Contractors for Tarmac Driveways 

Installing a tarmac driveway is no simple task. It must be handled by a professional team that has extensive knowledge and skillset for the job. At Bourne Surfacing and Civils, our have excellent skills and knowledge regarding the tips and tricks of tarmac driveway installation. We aim to give you a long-lasting beautiful tarmac driveway that is perfectly tailored to your taste. Our tarmac driveways are durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing to match your Bournemouth property. Specialists will install your tarmac driveways efficiently to get a sophisticated and sturdy result. Our experienced team of contractors

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Quality and Bespoke Tarmac Driveways in Bournemouth

We here at Bourne Surfacing and Civils take pride in our bespoke tarmac driveways’ design and installation. You can rest confident we use the highest-quality material to work on your driveways. For this reason, when we install your tarmac driveways, we are setting the course for a long-lasting stunning and robust driveway.

We design each tarmac driveway perfectly tailored to your vision and needs for your Bournemouth property. We recognise that each client has unique driveway requirements, and our specialists aim to install a tarmac driveway that will exceed your expectations. Our experts will discuss your vision and our work to devise a personalised plan for you.

What Are the Benefits of Tarmac Driveways? 

Tarmac is back more vital than ever as a popular material for good reason. The strength of asphalt driveways, Bournemouth clients, is the most prominent feature. When built by specialists, such as us, tarmac has excellent stability, which is ideal when supporting a lot of weight from several cars. Furthermore, tarmac is a long-lasting substance, so your surface will not be harmed over time if it is subjected to many vehicles. As a result, your driveway will endure for years while still looking good, and it will only require minor maintenance throughout that period. Tarmac also has the advantage of being quick and straightforward to install. We can build your new tarmac driveways in Bournemouth fast, and because it hardens rapidly, you may start using it right away. With all of these advantages, it’s simple to see why tarmac is such a popular driveway surface choice. So, if you are considering installing a tarmac driveway here in Bournemouth, contact our specialists to give you the best result.

More Than Just Driveways 

Alongside our installation of driveways here in Bournemouth, we offer a wide range of services around. Bourne Surfacing and Civils provide many services, including:

To learn more about what services our specialist can offer you in Bournemouth, surf through our website or get in touch with our friendly team. We are confident we can make your life easier and your surfaces smoother.

Once you install a new tarmac driveway in Bournemouth, you would have made an excellent investment that you would like to maintain. For this reason, our driveway specialists offer tarmac driveways aftercare guidelines to help you keep your tarmac driveway looking perfect.

This guideline will take you through all of the many methods you may care for your tarmac surface, and it will do so in phases depending on the issue you’re having. For example, we’ll show you how to keep your surface clean in hot weather, how to prevent weeds, plants, and soil debris from harming it, and how to defend against and clean up oil and chemical spills. It also covers how to operate heavy equipment like ladders and trailers and how to park RVs without damaging the ground.

Highly Rated

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Difference title

You might be wondering about the difference between tarmac and asphalt. Let’s start with an explanation of what these materials are. Tarmac (short for tarmacadam) is created by coating and mixing crushed stone or gravel with tar. This mixture is placed and then compacted using a vibrating roller to produce a flat surface. On the other hand, asphalt is a more recent variant in which bitumen replaces tar (a byproduct of petroleum distillation). While asphalt is identical to the tarmac in composition, it contains more minor exterior elements, making it slightly more durable. For driveways, pavements, and road surfaces, both asphalt and tarmac are utilised.

While tarmac is easier to install and maintain while still being affordable, asphalt is more environmentally- friendly as it can be used time and time again. So, if you want to find out what is more suitable for your Bournemouth property, you can get in touch with our driveway specialists for consultations.

Highly Resistant

One of the best benefits that tarmac hides is its high resistance. Tarmac is very resilient and can withstand anything thrown at it, including hail, snow, and thunderstorms. It can also manage heavy cars while parked, thanks to the material’s smooth surface, which provides excellent skid resistance. Another benefit is that when it rains or snows, your drive will be less prone to accumulation.

So, tarmac can be one of the most excellent choices when it comes to the material your driveway is made up of. If you are searching for a tarmac driveways in Bournemouth , get in touch with our specialists to get their guidance today.


What is great about using tarmac for your Bournemouth driveways is that they are affordable without compromising the high-quality material and durability they offer your property. If you choose tarmac, you will get a stylish and sturdy driveway without going broke. Tarmac is, in fact, cheaper than most other surfaces used, and tarmac lasts just as long if not better.

So, alongside its outstanding qualities and durability, tarmac is cost-effective, making it an excellent investment for your Bournemouth property.

Easy to Install

Tarmac is much easier to install than other materials since it dries rapidly, so you don’t have to park outside your house for as long as you need to. This means our driveway specialists can get your tarmac driveway installed quickly and efficiently with no disruptions. Tarmac can also be put straight onto any surface, which many other materials cannot accomplish. So, no matter the base, we are confident it will fit your Bournemouth property.

Easy to Maintain

Tarmac is very durable and sturdy. However, after a few years, the surface, like any other material, may show signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, tarmac is relatively easy to repair, and with the appropriate tools, you can do it yourself or hire an expert. In addition, if the surface is severely damaged for whatever cause, we can readily place a fresh layer over the previous material. This shortens maintenance time and gives you an easy fix that will last for a long as well.

Get in contact with our experienced driveway specialists now if you’re looking for a new driveway, and tarmac seems like something you’d be interested in.

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Other Services

Footpaths and Cycleways

Many people prefer to walk or cycle rather than drive. Thus footpaths and cycleways are standard modes of getting places. However, if there aren’t enough footpaths or cycleways, or if the ones that are accessible are old and broken, your journey will be more difficult, if not dangerous. It’s critical to keep these places clean and well-maintained if they’re on your property or a public surface.

This is where Bourne Surfacing and Civils comes in, as we offer an excellent service for footpaths and cycleways. While it comes to these places, we take safety seriously. Therefore we utilise bright colours that jump out when marking the surface, making the cycleways safer to use. When it comes to pavements, we divide them into two halves, with the cycling and pedestrian sides marked.

Retail Parks

Maintaining the surfacing on retail parks might be challenging, but it is necessary for safety. This is why so many clients come to Bourne Surfacing and Civils because we can take care of the upkeep of their retail parks.

Our professional staff can ensure that the surface of your retail park stays in good condition at all times, doing effective crack repairs as needed. In addition to fixing surface cracks, we can also construct additional entry points to the retail park if necessary and maintain or establish paths.

Schools and Colleges

Schools are constantly assessed based on their initial impressions, primarily by potential parents who want to ensure that they attend a good school. A well-kept façade, complete with play spaces for the children to enjoy between classes, goes a long way toward persuading parents that this is the ideal school for their child. In addition, we can construct new play spaces for youngsters, manage parking lots, and guarantee that all pathways are in good working order.

Sports Surfaces

It is critical to have a functional sports field for everybody who participates in sports. Anyone with a lot of energy who likes playing sports, whether friendly, practice, or tournaments, needs to have the proper facilities and playing place for their talent. Many organisations that specialise in fitness, sports, or training provide grass as part of their service, but this involves a lot more effort. No one wants to add additional stress to their already hectic lives.

Our custom-fits sport service can include trimming, mowing, replacing, and maintaining a sports ground. We aim to save your time and effort by providing an all-inclusive service for you.


We are grateful for our excellent reputation that reflects our high-quality designs and strong work ethic in Bournemouth. We always leave our clients satisfied. Our loyal clients come back for different work and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

You can read through our testimonials page to see the reviews for yourself. You can rest assured your tarmac driveway is in safe hands with us.


Now that you have learnt all that we have to offer for tarmac driveways in Bournemouth clients, you can see what we do yourselves.

Please go through our gallery to check out our diverse projects ranging from simple to complex. Through our exquisite work, you might be inspired by what you want to do next for your Bournemouth property!

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Now that you have seen for yourself what Bourne Surfacing and Civils can offer you, we are confident we will provide you with the highest-quality tarmac driveway you have envisioned for your Bournemouth property. Our 18 years of experience and wealth of skills allow us to provide you with the highest-quality tarmac driveways. So, if you want to discover what we can do with your property, get in touch with us today.

You can contact us by calling us on 01202 240 375, and a member of our friendly driveway team will answer all of your inquiries. Alternatively, if you prefer the written method, you may fill in our online contact form, or you can send us an email at barry@bournesurfacingcivils.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.