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Do you need to have your car serviced? Have you been searching for a reliable garage to carry out this service on your car? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at the Brake and Clutch Depot are the best garage for car servicing Bournemouth has to offer.

We offer comprehensive servicing for your car, ensuring your vehicle is in ideal condition and completely safe to use. We can service any car, no matter its type, so all you need to do is give us a call today on 01202 532373 to book your appointment with us.

Expert Servicing in Bournemouth

Many drivers invest in regular servicing for their vehicle, as it ensures the car is always working optimally and safely. While it isn’t a legal requirement like MOTs are, it is still handy to have your car regularly serviced to make sure nothing is wrong and to catch any issues early. Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, we can carry out this service for you.

We are a garage that offers comprehensive servicing, Bournemouth clients. We carry out stringent quality checks on your vehicle, ensuring it is in ideal condition and safe to drive. Our services, while comprehensive, don’t take long, so you will be on your way in no time, completely assured in the fact your vehicle is safe to drive.

We will check your tyres for damage, uneven wear, and baldness before moving on to your air conditioning system. This will be followed by a full steering and suspension check. Every aspect of your vehicle will be thoroughly checked and, should any repairs need to be carried out, we can handle this too. If we need to carry out repairs after your service, you will be supplied with a courtesy car for convenience.

Send us a message or give us a call on 01202 532373 !

Customer Testimonials

Brake and clutch were fantastic when dealing with my car, brilliant service, if i ever have any more issues i will be sure to return there!

Michell Willet

To find out more or to book your servicing appointment, you need only give us a call today on 01202 532373.

Other Services We Provide

Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, we can carry out a range of other services in addition to servicing. Bournemouth drivers can also come to us for:


If you have been experiencing issues with your brakes, or simply wish to have them checked, you have come to the right garage. Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, our specialists can fully inspect your brakes and find any issue they may be experiencing.

The most common sign that your brakes are work and need replacing is that it takes longer to stop your vehicle. This can be dangerous and lead to accidents, so it is important to bring your vehicle to us at the first sign of an issue.

We carry out a full inspection and diagnostic on your brakes, identifying any issues and advising you on how to rectify the issue. If we find that your brakes need to be replaced, we can do this for you and we will automatically adjust your new brakes to ensure they work optimally.

Brake Replacement in Bournemouth


If you are experiencing any issues with your clutch, such as clattering, and you can’t pinpoint the issue, bring your vehicle to us at the Brake and Clutch Depot. Our team of mechanics will carry out a thorough inspection on your clutch, establishing exactly what the issue is.

Once we have identified the issue, we have the skill and capabilities to carry out a repair on your clutch. We can repair the most common issues, such as clattering, slipping, and sticking pedals, to more complicated issues. Over time, the facings on your clutch disc will wear, which can cause safety issues, so it is important to bring your car to us at the first sign of trouble.


An MOT is a legal requirement and must be carried out on an annual basis by qualified mechanics. This is a test where your car will be inspected in certain areas, ensuring it complies with safety guidelines and is roadworthy. We will carry out this MOT for you at the Brake and Clutch Depot.

In some cases, your vehicle might fail the MOT – this happens sometimes for a minor issue, but it isn’t the end of the world. We will explain to you why the MOT failed and what needs to happen to get your car up to scratch to pass. This is often a small repair that needs to be carried out, which we can handle for you on the same day.

Once the issue has been rectified, we will put your car through the MOT again, providing you with the necessary paperwork to say it has passed inspection and is roadworthy.

Servicing Bournemouth
New Tyres


Over time, tyres can wear and will need replacing, which is something we can handle for you. We will inspect your tyres to see whether they need replacing and, if so, we will get a new set fitted in no time.

We follow a five step method when checking that your tyres are roadworthy, and this method is as follows:

  • Check Overall Condition (including sidewalls)
  • Check Pressure
  • Check Tread Depth
  • Check for Signs of Irregular Wear/Alignment
  • Check Condition of Spare Tyre

Why Should You Service Your Vehicle with Us?

Here at the Brake and Clutch Depot, we are a garage with 35 years of experience in servicing and repairs. We are also widely regarded as the number one brake and clutch specialists, so if you have been searching for a garage to handle your servicing, Bournemouth drivers, you have come to the right place.

We undertake all aspects of mechanical work, so there is no service we won’t be able to handle for you. Plus, in addition to our excellent in-house service, we also offer a local breakdown repair service, ensuring we are always there to help.

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So, if you need to have your car serviced and are searching for the most reliable garage to handle it, you need look no further now you have found the Brake and Clutch Depot. We provide reliable and comprehensive servicing, Bournemouth clients, and we can service any type of car, from small city cars to sports cars.

To find out more or to book your servicing appointment, you need only give us a call today on 01202 532373. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form or send an email to to reach out via a written method.

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