Are you trying to find an accredited garage in Bournemouth that will change your tyres for you? You have come to the right place. The Brake and Clutch Depot will inspect your tyres and get a new set fitted on your vehicle in no time at all!

The most commonly used tyre check that is recommended for optimal performance and road legality consists of the following five steps:

Check the overall condition of the tyres (including the sidewalls)

Check the pressures of all tyres

Check the tyre tread depth

Check for signs of irregular wear and alignment

Check the condition of the spare tyre

Because they are constantly in contact with the surface of the road, tyres are one of the most important features of your vehicle. This means that keeping them in tip top condition is absolutely vital for the security of yourself, your passengers and fellow road users.

Neglecting the condition of your tyres and letting them get too close – or worse, below – the legal tread depth of 1.6 millimetres can endanger lives. At the Brake and Clutch Depot, we will be happy to check your tyres for you and replace them if required.

We often get asked about the frequency of recommended tyre checks. Our mechanics recommend that all tyres are checked on a monthly basis to ensure that they are in good condition. Regular checks will give you peace of mind because you will know for sure that your vehicle is safe and legal to drive.

If you let your tyres get worn down or ignore them once they have become deflated, you run a high risk of not only endangering other road users but also voiding your insurance policy. Driving on worn tyres that should have been replaced some time ago will have a significant impact on the overall condition of your vehicle. Braking, steering and acceleration are also greatly affected by tyres that are not working optimally.

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When we say “deflated tyres” most people will likely picture flat ones. This isn’t actually the case as your tyres can be under-inflated without appearing flat at all. The best way to avoid your tyres causing issues to the rest of your vehicle is to simply check your pressures every two weeks.

When you check your vehicle’s handbook, you will find all the necessary guidelines that will state the correct pressure to set your tyres at. If you should require some assistance with this process, then do not hesitate to visit the Brake and Clutch Depot in Bournemouth.

It is always best to check tyre pressures when the tyres are cold. Leaving them for an hour or so is normally sufficient and gives them enough time to cool down for an inspection. The handling of your vehicle will be affected by tyres that are over- or under-inflated, so you will know when something needs adjusting.

When you drive on incorrectly inflated tyres for enough time, there is also a good chance that tyre wear will be greatly increased. This will significantly shorten their service life and create an irregular wear pattern, which causes its own set of problems.

While the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6 millimetres, it is generally suggested that they be changed once they get to below 3 millimetres. Research has suggested that the braking performance and general effectiveness of tyres is greatly reduced once they get to this point.

There are raised humps in various places around the tread patterns of your tyres. These markings will indicate the minimum wear level. When it looks like they are at 3 millimetres or below, bring your vehicle right on over to the Brake and Clutch Depot. We will confirm your current tread depth and get the tyres changed in no time, all at an excellent affordable cost.

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